Indie Anthems

Having grown up Preston in the North of England, and wasted(!) much of his formative years in the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, it’s fair to say that Darren’s fondness for all things Indie is evident in this show. With a leaning towards the “Madchester” sound, captured in his first show, and all the way through to the more modern Indie bands there’s something for everyone here.
However, as “Indie” is a pretty broad genre, it does mean he can “get away” with playing some more obscure tracks that may surprise you and as someone with a pretty eclectic taste in music, the regular feature he’s going to call “Curveball Corner” will give you a taste of some of the other styles of music he regularly listens to, be it Prog, Rock, Pop, Folk or Punk – who knows what lies in wait!
So sit back and be taken on a journey through the decades of his life, from the early 80’s until the present day, these are his “Indie Anthems”.

Darren – Indie Anthems