I love beautiful music. I always have. From the moment I first heard music it has been there for me. It wraps me in it’s arms when I need a lift. It puts into physical form my feelings, my hurt, my desire and my love. It says to the world who I am. There’s this quote that says something along the lines ‘if you want to know what a person is like, listen to their music.’ Music is a window into the soul and one I’m happy for people to look deep into. It’s why I write on this website. I can’t create the music that says what I need to say, but I can find the music that says it for me. Music that I need to share with as many people as I can.

Music like that created by Wiltshire based songstress Tamsin Quin. Music such as that released on her album Gypsy Blood. Music that needs to be heard and appreciated for just exactly how good it is.

The beauty of Gypsy Blood lies in it’s innocent simplicity. Eight wonderfully crafted songs weighing in at a little over 30 minutes long with sumptuous string arrangements. Tamsin has obviously taken much inspiration from albums such as Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left, crafting a melodious treat for the ears that carries her songs and voice beautifully. As for her voice it is always one that is unique in it’s qualities; individual and distinctive with her natural accent coming through adding a genuine honesty to her words and stories she presents.

Gypsy Blood is an album that is both innocent and knowing, simply accomplished and a joy to behold. Eight lovely songs that take the listener on journeys of beautiful wonderment. Songs that lift the spirits or hug you in their melodies. Songs that make me glad that I love music so much. Tamsin Quin is a singer and a songwriter that I am pleased to share with the world and one which the world should find out about. Gypsy Blood will make you fall in love with music all over again.

To order Gypsy Blood go to https://tamsinquin.bandcamp.com/album/gypsy-blood