A couple of years go I was lucky enough to meet a fabulous American singer-songwriter, Pat Brosnan, who happened to be playing in my local pub, and who impressed me with his songs as well as his delivery of some classic cover versions. Subsequently I was able to record a session with Pat for a radio show I was presenting which showed off his song writing talents brilliantly. Since then Pat has moved back to the States, settling in Austin, Texas; however, through the medium of Facebook, YouTube and the such like I’ve been able to keep up with new music from Pat as he writes and releases it.

And as next Tuesday (3rd July) I shall be presenting my new radio show, The Tarka Blowpig Music Hour on http://www.radiobicester.co.uk which will be, as it is the day before Independence Day, an American special, I though why not play a new track from Pat?

Looking on his Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/reachinoutmusic/ I saw that he’d recently written and recorded a new track, dedicated to his brother and other servicemen, called Warrior Tonight. That’ll do, I thought, lets add that to the playlist, which I did. And then, this morning, I thought, best give it a listen on the way to work, make sure it fits in with the other songs and so on. And then, wow! What a song this is! Beautiful, emotive, tear jerkingly amazing and gorgeous, this song made the hairs on my body stand up. It gave me goosebumps. It made me cry and smile and fall in love with it. So much so that I can’t wait till my radio show to share it with you. So, please do check out the YouTube video below, and please enjoy!!!