Happy Mothering Sunday to all mums! I hope you had a wonderful day and were spoilt rotten!

And because it is mum’s special day how about 10 songs that mention mums, mamas or mothers! Though, beware, these ones are not heartwarming and lovely songs…well would you expect anything less!

Mama Weer All Crazee Now – Slade

So to start here’s a song questioning the advice that was given by a mum that whisky isn’t that bad for you despite the craziness that ensues!

Mama – Genesis

A sinister song from the post Hackett/Gabriel Genesis about a teenage boys mother fixation with a much older prostitute; it features Phil Collins voicing possibly the most menacing and sinister laughing.

The End – The Doors

Jim Morrison’s exploration and development of a theatrical work he had been involved in about the Oedipus Complex this song, also featured in the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, featured the maniacal spoken section where Morrison talked about killing his father and having a sexual relationship with his mother.

Hoochie Coochie Man – Muddy Waters

‘The gypsy woman told my mother, you got a boy child comin’ starts this song all about a hard lovin’ hard livin’ guy who was going to make all the girls lead him by the hand!

No Charge – J J Barrie

A saccharine sweet, vomit inducing song about a boy, who when asking for his pocket money for all the jobs he’s done, is told by his tight wad mammy about all the things she has done for him growing up for which ‘the price of love is…no charge’ Blurgh.

Mother Stands For Comfort – Kate Bush

A song all about the one person, regardless of the action or crime, who will stand by you, turn a blind eye or even help you hide a crime is a mother (not saying all are of course!).

Mother’s Little Helper – The Rolling Stones

In the 1960’s mental health became more openly talked about with the beginnings of the usage of anti-depressants becoming more regular The Rolling Stones wrote this song about the pressures of life and the coping mechanisms (or not) through the use of pills , in particular Valium, that became known as Mother’s Little Helpers.

Squeeze Box – The Who

‘Mama’s got a squeeze box, she wears on her chest.’ Well of course its about a mum with great musical talents which keeps all around up all night. Or she just loves to have some noisy fun times with Daddy?

The Mother Meditation – Laurie Anderson

In Buddhist teachings the Mother Meditation is used when someone feels nothing. The meditation teaches that person to remember a moment in time when they were truly loved by their mother; a theme pop experimentalist expands on in this 2015 song.

Mother – Pink Floyd

Taken from the 1979 album, The Wall, this song tells the story of the main protagonist, Pink (Roger Waters) asking for answers and reassurances from his over-protective mother (in the song played by David Gilmour). In reality the story is an autobiographical one for Waters who grew up with just his mother after his father died during the second world war.


So, what about you all – any songs about mothers you’d add to the list.