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The Tarka Blowpig Music Show on Radio Bicester

Since the start of the New Year I have been in discussions with Samuel Isaacs, CEO and Founder of Radio Bicester’s parent organisation yWe Media, about changes to the way that the organisation publishes content. There are lots of exciting developments that Samuel is quite rightly very enthused about. I wish him and yWe Media all the very best as they develop into the organisation that they deserves to be.

Without wishing to pre-empt any announcements Samuel wishes to make, the Tarka Blowpig Music Show will no longer be able to operate in the same way under these changes. My show on the 27th January, where I will countdown the top 10 albums of the year and award the Jezzie award for 2019, will be the last music show I present on Radio Bicester. I hope you’ll be able to tune in for what will undoubtedly be an emotional show jam packed full of great music for you to enjoy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time presenting my eclectic taste in music over 70 odd shows in a format I love. Music radio has always been the format by which I have discovered music to enjoy, both new and old. I also hope that I have in my own small and inimitable way kept alive the spirit of radio that has influenced me; from the late nights listening in my teenage bedroom to the likes of John Peel and Tommy Vance to my modern day influences such as Mark Radcliffe and Bob Harris.

This will not be the end of the Tarka Blowpig Music Show though. I will be looking at different avenues by which I can continue to present music in the future. However at present, with three months to go until I attempt to run the 2020 London Marathon for the Motor Neurone Disease Association*, I am going to take this period as a sabbatical and concentrate on my training and fund raising. I will continue to write about music in this period on my website,, where you can also find links to some of my previous radio shows.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Samuel, yWe Media and Radio Bicester for giving me the opportunity to present the music I love in a fabulous way. I’d like to give special thanks to David Edmondson and Archie Newell, who have helped me produce excellent quality programmes, and the other presenters who have been nothing less than supportive, fun to work with and a credit to Radio Bicester with special thanks to Shaun, Nellie and Bende.

I would also like to thank all of the guests that I have had on my show; Rich Harding, Scott Doonican, Pat Brosnan, AJ Clarke and Dave Pegg, New Depth, Duff Paddy and Greg Brice who all helped create magnificent quality material.

I would also like to thank you, the listeners for joining in and listening to my inane ramblings about music. For putting up with some of the more challenging tunes I chose and who contributed with suggestions for all request shows. Though I tried to emulate the great Terry Wogan’s principle of not worrying about how many people were listening and just speaking as if to one person it was always gratifying to know that each week a couple of hundred people would tune in and, hopefully, enjoy what I put out.

Lastly, a huge thank you must go to my family and in particular my wife Shazza, who often had to act as a soundboard for ideas, listen to playlists over and over again as I refined shows and then listen to the shows even when there was more country music than she could reasonably put up with. Throughout the last 18 months she has not been anything less than an absolute rock of support, an inspiration, but also a constructively critical voice of reason; without her the level of Tom Waits songs may well have gone through the roof. I’d like to also thank my dog, Mungo, who often had to put up with me sounding ideas off him and singing along with playlists whilst on walks. He’d have let me play a lot more Tom Waits, though…but he’d say, if he could, that I never played enough of his favourite band, The Kaiser Chiefs.

So, now is the time to sign off with two more shows counting down from 20 – 1 the Top Albums of 2019. I hope you’ll join me and then keep your ears and eyes open for any future developments with the Tarka Blowpig Music Show.

All the Best!


To support me in my marathon challenge for the Motor Neurone Disease Association please visit

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